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ExposeCorruption.Org Campaign Post-Mortem

The deadline for the ExposeCorruption.Org crowd funding campaign ended without reaching the goal. All contributors should have gotten their money back by now. (Let me know if this is not the case.)

I thank you all for your donations. I’m sorry we didn’t reach success but I believe we raised awareness of the frustration regular people in America feel towards unelected morally scolding media elites and as such there can be no real failure.

I still believe that my original proposal is an excellent idea, and that’s been confirmed to me by seeing it happen. Charles C. Johnson is doing excellent work at GotNews.com, and other honest members of the media, such as Chuck Ross and Hannah Rosin participated in exposing the Rolling Stone UVA rape story as hysteria. Journalists are being questioned as never before, and I’m proud that we have contributed some shouting towards that trend.

I believe that particularly excellent work investigating and documenting journalists is being done by Charles Johnson at GotNews and I’ll seek to help him in his efforts in the future in whatever ways I can. Those who contributed to this campaign and received refunds are encouraged to consider making a donation to GotNews.com.

This project is not dead. I will pivot ExposeCorruption.Org to collecting the publicly available information gleaned by investigations performed by Mr. Johnson and others like him. We’ll organize that information into a wiki that will rank highly in SEO and we will become a one-click place to find all available details on journalists and other social justice activists.

ExposeCorruption.Org will not pursue raising money to investigate journalists on our own but instead will act as a repository and construct an encyclopedia of those who engage in journalistic malpractice.  Other for-profit entities like GotNews are well equipped to pursue breaking stories but there is a niche for a site that aggregates and organizes the information gathered by those groups so that it ranks highly in SEO and presents all information about specific corrupt activist journalists in an easily searchable form.

I’ll release more information about this new direction in the coming weeks. Special thanks to everyone who contributed financially but also thanks all those who retweeted or otherwise supported this campaign even if you couldn’t donate.

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Update on ExposeCorruption.Org

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far! I want to take this opportunity to answer a few questions we’ve received since the launch.

Who will be doing the actual investigating?

Are you asking for work? Email me atinfo@exposecorruption.org and let’s talk.

In fact, it won’t matter who is doing it. Our evidence will speak for itself. It doesn’t take any special skills to investigate someone online, just some experience Googling. We will hire professional investigators to follow up on high value leads as required.

What kind of information do you expect to discover?

There are many personal and career connections and scandals amongst journalists that are “public” but not widely known to the general population.

A number of political journalists are married to former or current government officials. Journalists have colluded with each other to spin coverage in private agenda-driven groups like JournoList,Gamechanger, and GameJournoPros.

We will publish pages that summarize the available information about each subject in an easy-to-find centralized location. Our site will be authoritative and we’ll work to ensure those results will rank highly in search engines.

We’ll dig beyond what’s publicly available as necessary with our own original research as well. There have been repeated sex scandals in politics, sports, and entertainment and there can be no doubt that journalism has its own skeletons waiting to be uncovered.

Why do you need $25,000 to investigate people online?

I want to spend significant time and energy on this project, but I want to gauge the interest that people have in my goal. If I can’t meet this relatively small amount, then that probably means I’m wrong about how strongly people feel about the issue.

Raising $25,000 would demonstrate the strength of the disgust we collectively have and would be a great start at founding a successful organization that has staying power.

What makes you credible?

We aren’t journalists. We won’t raise revenue via advertising. We will pursue only our stated goal and we will only be beholden to the people who support us.

Trust can only be earned. We hope you’ll give us a chance to earn your trust.

How are you different from other media watchdog groups such as Poynter and Nieman Lab?

Those organizations are themselves part of Big Journalism. We are expressly not.

They are respectable media insiders. We are reviled media outsiders.

They maintain a highbrow academic style. We will behave more in the tradition of tabloid-style attack dogs.

If you haven’t contributed yet, please consider it. It’s going to make the right people furious.

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