I Told You So: Twitter’s Crackdown on Free Speech

Twitter is cracking down on the dissident right. They banned-for-life my co-founder Charles Johnson in May 2015, and in the latter part of the year were caught preventing anti-feminist as well as pro-Trump hashtags from autocompleting.

Now  Twitter has formed the “Trust And Safety Council”, a name which is so feminist Orwellian they might as well have just named it Big Sister. It’s a who’s who of leftist, feminist anti-speech organizations, with nary even a pro-speech libertarian group among them, much less anything actually resembling a conservative right winger..


It’s not a how-to manual, @Jack

The new Council quickly jumped into action. They removed the verified check mark of Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, to great uproar, but Twitter refused to back down. Later the verified mark was also briefly removed from Jonah Goldberg and other prominent GOP hacks, but was reinstated mysteriously.

They suspended popular conservative and anti-feminist blogger R.S. McCain last week, and doubled down this week by suspending his promotional book account as well.

Twitter has never actually declared WHY they suspended any of these people, despite repeated rhetoric about Twitter’s dedication to free expression and unfettered speech.

I hate to say I told you so, but I fuckin told you so. I knew this was going to happen and I tried to draw attention to it weeks ago.

I was The Duck. I was @Jokeocracy.

I saw this crackdown was coming, and I didn’t want to be disappeared in the night like some common communist. I wanted to go out in style. So I tweeted at dozens of journalists and left wing activists telling them how President Trump would have them executed during a French-Revolution-style Reign of Terror.

I rode to Valhalla, shiny and chrome, on the Fury Road. I lived, I died, and now I live again.

che jokeocracy

RIP In Memoriam

Please don’t ever ask me to apologize for The Duck.

It was performance art, and if you find it offensive, that’s often the point of performance art. Ask any Trump-supporting flyover country real American how they feel when they hear about some fat tattooed queer on stage in the East Village taking a messy dump on the American flag before a rapt audience. Uh oh, a glimmer of enlightenment, best stamp it out quickly.

I gave an interview to Radix Journal after The Duck’s epic self-immolation, go read it if you’re interested in what I have to say about Twitter and the future of free speech.


Performance art

Follow me on Twitter and maybe I can equal The Duck’s over 9000 followers before they suspend me after a brief no-show no-trial.

Most importantly, Charles Johnson and I are soon going to be launching an information marketplace called Wesearchr.  I’m really excited about this company, it is absolutely unlike any other existing media business and it’s been great fun to develop something truly unique.

We plan to release more information about Wesearchr and how it actually works next week, so sign up to our email list to find out more about what we’re building and why we think it’s going to change the journalism industry forever.

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42 thoughts on “I Told You So: Twitter’s Crackdown on Free Speech

  1. Max Cady says:

    Only started following you, Chuck, and Wesearchr recently, but The Duck was easily the greatest Twitter account of all time. That account single-handedly ushered me from “dissident” right-wing status to fully engaged and interested in the Alt-Right, NRx, etc. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 10 Year Hart says:

    What the hell man? Performance art? I took screen shots for the upcoming battle plan.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. rivelino says:

    the duck was brilliant. he needs a book.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So you’re the Duck, eh? Bravo. that was probably one of the best Twitter accounts of all time.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Matt says:

    Holy shit man, you were The Duck? Well done, always wondered who was behind that account.


  6. The Marytrdom of the Duck will remain without peer in the annals of (rapidly declining) Twitter history.

    Well played sir.


  7. The Fire Rises says:

    Worthy of Daniel DeFore, Jonathan Swfit, & Benjamin Franklin. I can think of no greater compliment to give you.


  8. Revo says:

    You and the Duck were heroes. One of the best of the best accounts on Twitter. Twitter is dying a slow SJW death. Long live the Duck!!


  9. spandrell says:

    No fucking way. Respect man. You made history with that account.


  10. spandrell says:

    FWIW I told you months ago.


  11. NikFromNYC says:

    While it lasted, delightful. Cernovich plugged you one day.


  12. You magnificent bastard! Well done, sir!


  13. AntiDem says:

    So the day for the big reveal has finally come, eh? Well, good for you, and congratulations on Wesearchr! The only downside is that I don’t have a cool NRx inner circle secret that I get to keep anymore!


  14. Based Anon says:

    Please make the archive of Duck tweets available. It’s one of the greatest bodies of comedic work ever assembled. There are too many gems in there that you can’t let be lost forever to time.


    • Max Cady says:

      Oh fuck, if this archive was downloaded prior to the self-immolation, PLEASE DO THIS. I would have to imagine that it was downloaded, since you kinda knew you were on the way out.


  15. lorentjd says:

    The list of organizations that compose the Trust and Safety Council is…fucking Orwellian.


  16. So Brave says:

    The Duck was hilarious, but most people would have never publicly owned up to it. Bravo for taking credit!

    Vox Day has championed the idea of developing parallel institutions to replace those that have been infested by SJWs, from scifi publishers to tech companies to FOSS projects. Going over your recent twitter history I see similar themes. At what point do you feel there will be enough social infrastructure (investors, labor, partner firms, and media support) available to us contrarians to make this feasible?

    Perhaps labor will be one of the stickiest points: our industry thrives on the backs of young, inexperienced CS grads, almost all of whom emerge from college thoroughly brainwashed. They’re getting more obnoxious and hyper-sensitive with each passing year. We can also expect the well-known colleges to weed out anybody who looks like a free thinker.

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  17. […] Now Twitter has formed the “Trust And Safety Council”, a name which is so feminist Orwellian they might as well have just named it Big Sister. It’s a who’s who of leftist, feminist anti-speech organizations, with nary even a pro-speech libertarian group among them, much less anything actually resembling a conservative right winger.. […]


  18. wow you were duck? would have never guessed ..I had no idea you knew so much about NRx and alt right. That’s crazy. good job. Also remember joe from business insider.

    Liked by 1 person

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  21. Dave says:

    Some people need to crack down on their own use of Twitter. Like those who work for a presidential campaign, see an unflattering rumor about another candidate on Twitter, and immediately retweet it. Then it turns out the rumor is false, but you retweeted it, so you’re a party to libel and your candidate has to fire you immediately and apologize.


  22. […] Dickinson outs himself as the Duck. Related: Why Twitter’s politics ultimately don’t matter. Related: Twitter takes out […]


  23. Armando Blanco says:

    Having been following your real account since 2012 I thought it was pretty obvious that you would be the Duck. An anonymous techie nrx comedian appears right after the #StandwithPax #Brownscare of autumn 2013? I’m surprised that anybody is surprised.


  24. […] Pax Dickinson was The Duck […]


  25. Ahote says:

    Wow, just wow! This makes me wander what right-wing troll account Brendan Eich is behind.


  26. […] it turns out, who was behind it? Pax dickinson! I salute you; good job […]


  27. Proxy says:

    I never had a twitter account, but I visited yours daily for lulz. Your exit from twitter was epic and had me in stitches. I salute you sir. My day is a little bit shittier now that the twitter duck is no more.


  28. @notalemming says:

    Reblogged this on YourDaddy's Politics and commented:

    This is become more common place on Twitter and Fascistbook


  29. Albert1 says:

    Again: in the past I ate your kind.
    Still not regretting it.
    Still preferring plain ol’ chicken.
    However, you were quite a verbose specimen, I’ll give you that.


  30. […] democracy is like saying that the fundamental problem with Islam is the Salat ritual, or that the fundamental problem with Twitter is its organizational […]


  31. asldkfhasdfasdf says:

    look at this patriot looking motherfucker with his beard. good job buddy, loved the account.


  32. […] done, Mr. Pax Dickinson.  You knew me under another name on Twitter, of course, but I got many a laugh from your […]


  33. […] produced a lot of fantastic material, I didn’t see anything that could hold a candle to The Duckopoulos (@jokeocracy). Even though it’s already been done on other sites I want to keep our own local archive of […]


  34. ryu1989 says:

    So Charles Johnson, phony Journalist is your best friend? http://gawker.com/what-is-chuck-johnson-and-why-the-web-s-worst-journal-1666834902


    • paxdickinson says:

      Did you just cite a Gawker link to back up something you said? You weren’t being sarcastic?

      Do you even follow the news much?


      • ryu1989 says:

        So instead of attacking their evidence against your lying friend you play the ad homein card.
        From your interview “I saw this coming and I didn’t want my account to just be disappeared silently in the night. I decided I would go out in style and have fun getting myself suspended. I decided to go for it on a Sunday so I’d have the maximum chance of not being suspended right away, and Twitter firing a group of executives at the same time was an opportune coincidence.” So in other words you intentionally got yourself suspended…which sorta defeats the purpose of your political position on censorship. Not to mention people wanted Chuck Gone and had the first amendment backing them up. I don’t think you really believe in free speech beyond “LISTEN TO ME!” That is very childish.


  35. ryu1989 says:

    “I rode to Valhalla, shiny and chrome, on the Fury Road. I lived, I died, and now I live again.” Except you don’t have evidence beyond you saying that that guy was you. Anybody can do that.


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