Short Book Review: SJWs Always Lie

Vox Day’s short new book “SJWs Always Lie” is essential reading for anyone interested in modern online moral panics triggered by Social Justice Warriors. Vox explains what these people are, how they function, and what to do if you’re attacked. As someone who has personally lived through his own political correctness lynching I agree wholeheartedly with his recommendations.

The book includes chapters that comprise the best short summaries I’ve read of Gamergate and the Sad Puppies movements to date, and having just been released it includes even the most recent developments. These chapters are nothing new for those who have followed the movements from the beginning but they can serve as great introductions to people otherwise unacquainted.

The book also describes some excellent strategies for combatting the SJW moral police, derived from Sun Tzu.  I found Vox’s recommendations on rules for organizations that wish to resist infiltration from SJW entryists particularly valuable and enlightening.

At 200 pages the book is quickly digestible. The stories it tells are clear and the style is very readable. One closing chapter on the proper use of rhetoric is more challenging but has content well worth making the effort to understand.

Recommended. Get it at Amazon.

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5 thoughts on “Short Book Review: SJWs Always Lie

  1. RBM411 says:

    You and the guy from Firefox needed to follow Vox’s strategy. I don think BI or Firefox as a whole would go along that way, as they are to much SJW’s themselves these days.


    • paxdickinson says:

      I was fired first thing in the morning after Valleywag’s post about me the prior evening, so the fight to keep my job was over before it had even begun. Vox’s strategies are very similar to what I have concluded on my own after the experience so it was great to see confirmation of my own analysis.

      As for the future, it’s going to be interesting. Stay tuned.


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