Announcing ExposeCorruption.Org

I’ve launched a crowd funding effort on IndieGogo to raise money towards founding a non-profit dedicated to doing adversarial investigative journalism against the media industry as a whole.

What if an organization existed, funded by regular concerned Americans, that turned a cynical questioning eye at those corrupt journalists? What if we held them to account for their hypocrisies? What if the tables were turned and the New Clerisy faced an inquisition from us aimed at them?

Towards that goal, we are starting a new non-profit organization called ExposeCorruption.Org which will fund investigative research into prominent agenda-driven media figures and publish a hyperlinked database of their ideological biases and secret skeletons.

One thing that all three of the grassroots rebellions of the Internet era share is a feeling that the media misrepresented them and set a narrative that opposed their goals. An apolitical Grey Tribe anti-journalist organization is one way for our media marginalized voices to start holding someone accountable.

It’s time we started watching the watchers. Contribute today to start fighting back.

Please visit the IndieGogo campaign to read the entire pitch, and please consider contributing if you share my goals of holding media more accountable.

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